About Us

In this virtual world many gadget are promised for connecting to outer world but only few gadget are able to connect with your soul & inner voice. Youth find the best way to celebrate ups & down with tech product.  So we are admire to create a platform where anyone can pick a product with guaranteed fulfil by peace, Happiness & love.    

After many unsuccessful attempts regarding name, we select KARTHEART. The name Kart heart implies for heart & kart that simply means a cart with full of heart, joy, peace, & love. Every product under this platform has been chosen for discovering your soul and inner voice. We are strongly felt that many websites already work like we do, but our aim to collecting various products according to festival.

As we know, Indian calendar always busy to perform festival and we are happy to celebrate every single festival with you. It is also fulfill with our tagline “Deal Awesome Har Mausome”. Our Team selects the best product according to upcoming festival so we can celebrate together and spread more joy in sky.

We are improving day by day in term of better user experience & quality product but if you have any suggestion than feel free to share with us. Keep in touch for hear the inner voice because only few people is know about key of happiness. KARTHEART never lets you down.